3D Printer Filament PLA


Produce 3D Filaments
For 6 Years

Guangzhou Inoex technologies Ltd is an innovative 3d filament company based in Southern China. We manufacture and supply 3d filament like pla/abs/tpu/petg/wood filaments etc…

High Quality Material

Pla material come from NatureWorks, no recycled material added.

Filament Advantages
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Why Choose Us

We have a strong and lasting passion for 3D Printing. Making 3D printing accessible for more people, and letting more people enjoy the convenience of 3D printing, we are working on it !

Production Capacity

We have 3 production lines to produce 3d printing filament. Each month we offer 8 tons of pla filament.

OEM Solution

Customized product are provided, customized brand, material color, package, different size of spool filament​

6 Years of Experience

We start 3d printing bussiness at 2015 years and our parent company is a company which produce plastic extruder machine.