3D Printer Filament PLA

Leading PLA Filament Manufacturer

INOEX is a leading 3d printer filament manufacturer in China Guangzhou. We offer high quality 3d printer filament such as PLA/ABS/TPU/PETG/WOOD

High Quality pLA Material

Pla material come from NatureWorks, no recycled material added.

3D filament advantages

Perfect Windings & Looking

Wholesale/OEM/ODM acceptable

our collections

We offer more than 15 colors of PLA and ABS filaments.


PLA filament

1.75mm/2.88mm; 1kg/2kg


ABS filament

1.75mm/2.88mm; 1kg/2kg


TPU filament

1.75mm/2.88mm; 1kg/2kg

Why Choose Us

INOEX’s high-end 3D printing filaments produced by self-developed extruder have stable quality and 100% neat winding, making it a sought-after item in the 3D printing market.

Production Capacity

We have 3 production lines to produce 3d printing filament. Each month we offer 8 tons of pla filament.

OEM Solution

Customized product are provided, customized brand, material color, package, different size of spool filament

6 Years of Experience

We start 3d printing bussiness at 2015 years and our parent company is a company which produce plastic extruder machine.

Quality assurance

We have a refund policy to our customers if the 3d printer filament are broken.

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Our Customer Say

What I appreciated the most was the fact that the product arrived at the precise time and I received a 1 years warranty. I would appreciate their quality services and products.
Our business is based in Europe. They handle most of the quality control and technology problems, We still have much work to do and grow our business and we will establish a long term relationship with him.
Oybek Elliot